Womb Healing Session

(available remotely)

Dive into the deliciousness of a deep womb healing

Your womb is your most sacred space. It is the precious, wondrous, sacred cocoon deep inside you, which:

  • Gives birth to life and creative projects
  • Is the seat of your unique feminine wisdom and the essence of your authentic self
  • Holds the key to unlocking your divine feminine power

But through living under patriarchy (and through experiences such as traumatic childbirth), many of us hold terrible wounds in our wombs.

When the way society is set up gives us the message that, as women, we are ‘wrong’, we carry those wounds in the place that holds the very essence of our femininity – our wombs.

Our wombs also hold the energetic wounds suffered not only by us in this life, but those of past generations of women in our families, and of women all over the world who have been devalued, sexualised, underpaid, shamed, abused, raped, objectified and silenced.

The wounds in our wombs stop us from flowering, flourishing and being the women we were born to be.

Your womb wounds may be showing up as:

  • Deep shame – just for being who you are
  • Sexual issues
  • Problems with your reproductive system
  • An inability to speak out or ask for what you want
  • A feeling of disconnection from your true self
  • Disconnection from life and society as a whole
  • Blocks in being able to birth what you want, be it children or something else you want to create
  • A feeling of pain related to being a woman, without necessarily knowing where it comes from (it may come from your ancestors or a past or parallel life)

When you begin to heal your energetic womb wounds, you may:

  • Become more able to love
  • Feel more sexually alive, open and empowered
  • Start to be able to live your own life
  • Help your children and family embrace their feminine and masculine natures in balance
  • Find it easier to discover and embody your soul’s purpose, and to birth your sacred gifts into the world
  • Feel lighter and freer

And by healing yourself from the inside out; by awakening and embodying your deep feminine essence, you make our own unique contribution to the awakening and healing of humanity as a whole, which leads to a deep sense of peace and a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction with life that is not dependent on your external circumstances or validation from others.

Booking your womb healing session

Investment: £175

Womb Healing Session

You’ll receive powerful healing and a detailed write-up of the session.