What is kundalini awakening?

There’s a load of stuff written online about kundalini awakening, and trying to make sense of it all can be confusing.

So here’s my attempt at making things really simple. 

Kundalini awakening describes the process of a force (the kundalini energy) rising up from the base of the spine, through the body and out of the top of the head (at the crown chakra).

(You might read about other paths this energy can take, but we’re talking about the basics here).

Once the energy awakens, shit gets real!

After a kundalini awakening, life will never be the same again.

What is kundalini energy?

Some describe it as our ‘life force energy’ or our ‘higher self’ waking up.

My feeling, having experienced a kundalini awakening several years ago, is that the kundalini energy is a spiritual, evolutionary force driving us (forcing us) to evolve and awaken spiritually.

It is our own personal spark of the Divine, a higher intelligence that knows exactly what we need (which is often not what we want!) to get where we need to go.

The initial ascent through the body is just the beginning. After that, the kundalini energy travels repeatedly back through our chakras and energy channels, where its job is to clear out and release the energetic imprints of trauma, unhelpful beliefs and fears.

If there is a lot of unravelling to do, this can go on for years.

We can hold a huge amount of pain and trauma in the body, and when these are ‘unfrozen’ there can be extreme emotions, mood swings and emotional release, as we finally face the locked-away feelings.

When the kundalini energy hits a block, it can feel like there is a physical force working in that area until it is cleared. In this process we can re-experience (or feel for the first time) painful feelings that we have denied or repressed.

Kundalini awakening symptoms

Kundalini awakening is said to cause many symptoms.

I believe it is not the kundalini energy itself that causes the symptoms, but the opening and clearing of the body and energetic system that is required to allow this high-frequency energy to circulate in us. (Some people describe what happens as the circuitry of our bodies ‘upgrading’ ‘from 3D to 5D’).

If we follow it (and we don’t have a lot of choice) this energy guides us to become who we were born to be.

Many people prepare for years to awaken their kundalini, and seemingly some people just have it happen to them without knowingly doing anything to prepare. I believe there are no accidents; when someone’s kundalini has awakened, it was always meant to be.

When it happened to me, I had already been on a spiritual and emotional healing quest for many years, and on the day it happened I had been using plant medicines.

But I don’t believe that plant medicines ’caused’ my kundalini awakening (in the macro sense at least). I was in Peru using plant medicines as a result of following my gut instinct, and signs and synchronicities that led me there. So I believe my kundalini awakening was always meant to happen in exactly that place and in that way.

My kundalini awakening story

One hot and steamy jungle evening, I was resting on my bed after long hours spent in ceremony with coca leaves. I started to feel movement in my root chakra, and I had a sense of knowing that something significant was about to happen.

For the next twenty minutes, as I lay there on my bed, I felt the strangest of sensations – as though someone was pushing a tree trunk up my spine.

It wasn’t painful, but it was weird! As the force travelled up my body I felt increasingly blissed out, and completely unable to move. My heart opened with an explosion of joy and love, and I felt completely at one with the divine. It was exhilarating and terrifying all at once. Finally, the force emerged through my crown chakra, the bliss feelings gradually subsided and my consciousness returned to ‘normal’.

Is a kundalini awakening the same as a spiritual awakening?

A kundalini awakening is not the same as a spiritual awakening; but it is a force driving us towards spiritual awakening. We can’t ignore it, because it is too strong.

When kundalini is awakened, we find ourselves in life situations that force us to confront our shadow issues (the things about ourselves we squish or deny because we find them unacceptable), traumas held in the body, choices we have made based on fear, etc. It is no longer possible for us to live in denial.

To help us, we will also find the right teachers and situations to help us heal our wounds.

So if a kundalini awakening is a force driving us towards spiritual awakening, what is a spiritual awakening?

  • A spiritual awakening is a change in our consciousness. It can happen gradually, over time, or seemingly overnight or very suddenly
  • We move away from identifying as ‘I’. We understand at a deep level that ‘I’ is not who we really are
  • We begin to see the world differently. We sense that there is a deeper meaning to things than what appears to be going on on the surface
  • We are no longer satisfied by materialism and by the life choices the standard Western lifestyle offers
  • We feel a connection to something beyond us: Source, Spirit, divine energy, God, nature and we may feel a strong desire or obgliation to be in service to this force

Having a rough time with your kundalini awakening? I offer kundalini awakening support. Contact me and we can have a chat.