Yuko Hata, USA

As I reflect upon my time working with Tara over the past few months I’m coming away feeling extremely grateful for the depth of support she has given and the amount of healing that has taken place since the very beginning of the soul purpose quest. It’s quite remarkable that she is able to offer shamanic healing sessions in combination with soul purpose guiding, because they go together so beautifully!  She is truly skilled at both and has a no-nonsense yet lighthearted way about her that kept each session focused, safe, and open to whatever needed to unfold. In between sessions, she was very receptive to anything that I had to share and would respond right away.

The energy and ancestral healings, soul and spirit animal retrievals were amazing experiences and are beautiful gifts that Tara offers. I cannot think of any other person or place you can go to where you can get such individualized attention and support on so many levels. Her ability to relate on a very down to earth personal level while staying attuned to the soulful and spiritual realms makes her the amazing guide that she is. I feel more clear about how my soul moves, gets invoked, what it needs from me, and how it seeks expression. The shamanic healings have created more space within and reconnected me with lost soul parts that have brought in a sense of being more at home in my body and able to give gifts of my own.

If you are ready to do some healing and discovery work of your own, you will be in amazing hands with Tara. She is the real deal!

Diana Zamudio, Colorado, USA

My journey with Tara Byrne on the women’s Shamanic Soul Purpose Quest was life changing. I’ve been on a spiritual path for quite sometime and have had different people mentor me along the way, but the mentorship I received from Tara was most profound.

She helped me tap into my soul in ways I’ve never experienced, and was able to discover things that had been hidden, which have helped me create a more authentic life. She taught and gave me tools that I can take with me wherever I go, which will connect me to my deeper self when I’m searching for answers.  She performed a soul retrieval and power animal retrieval that were such amazing experiences for me. I will take this information moving forward to help me navigate my life. Tara was not only an amazing support guide, but became a trusted friend. I was very sad when our last session finished, but feel so grateful for the wisdom that I’ve gained due to working with Tara. I look forward to connecting with her again soon as my purpose continues to deepen.

Lucy F, London, UK

All my work with Tara has been remote and we have communicated by phone or email. I have been blown away by the results!

Tara journeyed for me when a family member died an untimely and tragic death and I wanted some clarity. The write up of the journey brought me peace and comfort and without knowing any of us, Tara accurately picked up a lot of information that was accurate about our characters and life’s journeys. I turned to Tara again, when struggling to conceive and was wondering why. Again she accurately picked up things about my character and life in her journey into spirit realms. Tara had been shown there was further work we could do to heal old wounds but she was not pushy in any way, even suggesting books and meditations I could investigate on my own. It was entirely my decision to work further.

Firstly we did a womb cleansing, after which I felt wonderful and as if things started to shift in my outer world. She also received further messages about doing a soul extraction and retrieval. My intuition told me that it was pertinent to do this work.

Tara brought back parts of my soul that had gone due to pain or trauma but were ready to come back. Firstly she again picked up the information accurately when describing these younger parts but also, when they came back, they brought a lot of joy from those times, leading to a fuller life experience. An example of this is I was stressing over a situation which hurt me and then I just started laughing internally at the ludicrousness of life, how we sometimes take things so seriously, which in the bigger picture aren’t important. It was a wise laugh, not like a spiritual bypass! Like a Buddha laugh! This was more how I was innately as a child before the wounding set in!  I’d almost forgotten I had good times when younger and having these parts back, helped me remember that more readily.

In physical terms, Tara healed my face! She picked up dark or heavy energy when doing the soul extraction on the right side of my face. I never told her I had a bells palsy, which I recovered from, but the right side of my face wasn’t symmetrical afterwards. After the soul extraction, it was symmetrical again. There was no way Tara knew about the Bells Palsy and we were working remotely. Even if she had seen me in person, you had to look very closely to pick up the two sides weren’t symmetrical.  I can’t believe how powerful the results were from remote work but the proof is in the pudding! It meant I could lie down comfortably at home while Tara worked. She also types up a comprehensive write up of what happened, so you can digest in your own time and keep a hold of. I thoroughly recommend Tara as a practitioner!

Leonard de Groot, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tara is like a vagabond Buddha, an angel, a shaman. Plus, she’s not afraid to get into the dark and difficult stuff that we all have to deal with in life.

I am lucky to have been guided by Tara in our deep soul encounter work. I could not have wished for a more solid, rooted and whole guidance. Compassionate, open-minded and stimulating. Tara is wise on multiple levels of development. The permission I felt in her encouragements and support have been of great value to be able to put aside my sometimes overly rationalizing mind and my inner cynic. I was able to connect to some forgotten layers inside me, and I am so grateful. Do you also need guidance in your underworld journey? Tara’s trust and empathy provided a very safe space to surrender to mine.

Nikki Allen, London, UK

Tara is an exceptionally gifted guide, teacher and shaman, with intuitive abilities that have helped me so many times.

I have been lucky enough to benefit from her wisdom, insight and compassion for the past ten years of my life. Tara has helped me step in to, and love myself for, who I truly am. She has supported me in identifying my life’s purpose, and believing I can offer the work I came here to do. If you get the chance to work with her, absolutely take it. She will help you on a deeper level and in a more profound way than you can imagine.

Tara has also offered me deep healing on a soul level through her shamanic journeys, which provided me with insight and wisdom that helped me shift some deeply painful feelings I was experiencing after the birth of my daughter. No other means of healing, including traditional therapy, coaching, meditation or other forms of spirituality were able to touch this trauma in the way that her journeying did.

Jonathan Binder, California, USA

Tara is an amazing guide who led me through one of the most profound experiences of my life…connecting deeply to my soul to discover my true purpose. She created a safe container for me to move out of my head and into my heart. She’s wise, compassionate and engaging. I can’t recommend her enough!

Stephanie Lisa Kelly, Brussels, Belgium

Tara’s mentorship as a purpose guide has been such a decisive factor in this unfolding process of purpose discovery.

Her observations are always absolutely on point and she combines her fierce clarity with an expansiveness of heart that created an incredibly potent container. I cannot recommend her enough!

Anna Glusker, Boston, USA

You have a true well of wisdom. When you are guiding, I see right away that what you say and do comes from that source. Only with a few special people I know in this world, do I feel the kind of resonance I feel from your spoken insight on given situations.

I highly value your ability to get to the heart the matter in the present moment without detours. There are moments when you make a comment that kind of makes me do a double-take and plants a seed of wonder and possibility. I value this wisdom above all. Adds a kind of magical spark to the whole process.

I also see that your faith and spiritual power have far-reaching roots. At least in our sessions, I have not seen that waver. That kind of stability is very very vital and a gift in a guide. I experience a sense of expansiveness after video calls with you.

Your down-to-earth communication style and keeping things simple is a trait I really like. It made me trust you, and conveyed that purpose work is work for this world, not for the sky. It is also a healthy presence for me and my tendency to float.

You have a strong leadership ability where you can quickly make choices about how to spend the time of our call, while it still has a fluidity to it. It seems like each session is well-balanced and we don’t spend too much or too little time on any topic. You make exceptionally good use of the hour, and I leave feeling that the session was more productive than I could have imagined it to be. I have been in many unproductive hour-long sessions, so it’s really a skill. It seems to go back to that sense of spiritual attunement and faith that you have. You also convey a quiet confidence of a strong leader, so I can relax more in the space.

You make it known that you are fully committed to guiding me, and being present to me during the process. You have shown this by sharing that you are thinking of me and praying for me many times in emails, responding very fully to any questions I ask, even ones that may seem ‘unspiritual’, and many times restating that I should write to you if I am struggling with anything. Along with that, you have a powerful responsiveness. You seem ready and present to respond to anything that comes up at any given moment. I feel appreciated and seen. 

Suze Elliott, Serra da Estrela, Portugal

The soul purpose discovery course has helped with all of my relationships, with speaking my truth, with saying yes and no powerfully. With courage and a much more go for it attitude, not all the time, so also following my intuition even more and awareness of self and reactions and ownership.

This soul purpose mission has affected the whole of who I am at this moment. I feel I am more me now than ever before. The past is softer and the future brighter.

I always felt very comfortable with you. I never felt judged, always supported. You were direct and clear and also intuitive and allowed the sessions not to be forced, they flowed so well.

I always got so much out of them. I will miss this time. It has meant a lot. It has been a very powerful experience for me. You gave me time, time to show me in all my guises, you always showed up for me. There is great trust in this. I will always be very grateful to you and this process. Thank you

Tara holds space beautifully. She is intuitive and straightforward. She offers a space for you to grow and expand, and she is also very wise and guides you to open even more to the experience. Tara also reflects back with integrity and honesty. It is nurturing and refreshing and honest.

Rachel M, Ipswich

I am very grateful for the experience I had working with Tara on the Soul Purpose Discovery programme. It was an amazing process, where things within me and my life changed very quickly and effortlessly – opening up a whole new dimension to my life by reconnecting me to my inner artist. The programme itself is challenging but great – and the structure of the daily practice and pace that it runs out ensures progress is fast and consistent. Tara was hugely supportive and encouraging during the process, especially with the areas I got stuck in – and she showed me the benefits of doing the elements that felt uncomfortable by sharing with me parts of her own experience with the programme. Tara provides loving, grounded, patient support and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a significant change in their life.

Carol M, Stroud

I really enjoyed my session with Tara.  She made me feel very welcome and relaxed and she set up the space well.  She paid attention to my needs on arrival and she made the threshold between the ‘everyday’ world and sacred space easy to cross.  Tara’s sense of the sacred is very accessible.  She uses plain language and is conversational about sacred things.  I found my session with Tara really enlightening – I truly felt that Spirit spoke to me through Tara’s practices and her connection, deep listening and understanding.  I have come away with much that is of great value to integrate into my life and I know that this one session has really helped me along my spiritual path.  I look forward to working with Tara again.

Beth F, Cheltenham

I came to the idea of shamanic healing after being intrigued from a distance for a few years. I didn’t know what to expect at all from the session, but Tara immediately put me at my ease, and from the outset I felt very relaxed and safe, as well as excited about what I’d discover. 

The actual work felt unlike anything I’d had before, and I felt completely guided by Tara and her experience. Discussing the work she’d done afterwards was fascinating, and so many images she’d retrieved made sense to me. I felt like she gave me so much to go away with, and even ritual actions to take, in order to dive deeper into the process, and the imagery. 

I think Tara manages to be extremely kind and sensitive without muddying the clarity, and truth of her message. There is no sense of ego in her work either, I felt she was there for me and my journey. But most importantly she was really intuitive and imaginative, and her ideas and suggestions, and how she expanded on them, are a real gift. If you are unsure, don’t be! A beautiful and helpful experience which I’ll definitely come back to!