Shamanic work (journeying for insight and clarity)

Tara helped me enormously when I was going through an extremely difficult time. She facilitated a process that led to me coming to terms with a very sudden and traumatic death in my family. Her insights into my life and my character (without much information to go on) were spot on and gave me confidence in her guidance and attunement to spirit. I feel that Tara is an extremely ethical practitioner and builds a safe container/space to work in. I have no hesitation in recommending Tara, especially if –like myself – you are struggling with tough existential material.  Lucy, 40 London

Soul purpose discovery programme

I am very grateful for the experience I had working with Tara on the Soul Purpose Discovery programme. It was an amazing process, where things within me and my life changed very quickly and effortlessly – opening up a whole new dimension to my life by reconnecting me to my inner artist. The programme itself is challenging but great – and the structure of the daily practice and pace that it runs out ensures progress is fast and consistent. Tara was hugely supportive and encouraging during the process, especially with the areas I got stuck in – and she showed me the benefits of doing the elements that felt uncomfortable by sharing with me parts of her own experience with the programme. Tara provides loving, grounded, patient support and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a significant change in their life. Rachel, 41, Ipswich

Shamanic work (divination)

I really enjoyed my session with Tara.  She made me feel very welcome and relaxed and she set up the space well.  She paid attention to my needs on arrival and she made the threshold between the ‘everyday’ world and sacred space easy to cross.  Tara’s sense of the sacred is very accessible.  She uses plain language and is conversational about sacred things.  I found my session with Tara really enlightening – I truly felt that Spirit spoke to me through Tara’s practices and her connection, deep listening and understanding.  I have come away with much that is of great value to integrate into my life and I know that this one session has really helped me along my spiritual path.  I look forward to working with Tara again. Carol, 53, Stroud

Shamanic work (nature-based healing)

My session with Tara was an insightful experience out in nature and receiving signals from the wildlife and nature around me. Tara has a reassuring way and I felt supported and guided by her sensitive approach. The session helped me to work out some residual things that I could let go and connect deeper with what mattered more. Usha, 41, Stroud

Shamanic work (energy extraction and soul retrieval)

I came to the idea of shamanic healing after being intrigued from a distance for a few years. I didn’t know what to expect at all from the session, but Tara immediately put me at my ease, and from the outset I felt very relaxed and safe, as well as excited about what I’d discover. 

The actual work felt unlike anything I’d had before, and I felt completely guided by Tara and her experience. Discussing the work she’d done afterwards was fascinating, and so many images she’d retrieved made sense to me. I felt like she gave me so much to go away with, and even ritual actions to take, in order to dive deeper into the process, and the imagery. 

I think Tara manages to be extremely kind and sensitive without muddying the clarity, and truth of her message. There is no sense of ego in her work either, I felt she was there for me and my journey. But most importantly she was really intuitive and imaginative, and her ideas and suggestions, and how she expanded on them, are a real gift. If you are unsure, don’t be! A beautiful and helpful experience which I’ll definitely come back to! Beth, 47, Cheltenham