Soul Partnerships Package

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Discover deeper, juicier, more soulful relationships

Do you keep repeating painful patterns in relationships? Do you want something deeper, but can’t seem to find or sustain the right kind of partnership? Maybe you’re in a relationship, but you can’t decide whether to stay or go.

My Soul Partnerships package brings together powerful shamanic healing with the knowledge I’ve gained from many years spent healing my emotional and relationship wounds, and my more recent experience of being in a committed soul partnership.

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One one level, all relationships are soul partnerships, because our soul guides us to the people who will help us to grow and evolve and to learn our life’s lessons.

But it may be that energy blocks, energetic cords or unhelpful beliefs about what a relationship should look like are holding you back from a deep, fulfilling soul connection.

Twin flames, soulmates, life partners and karmic relationships

Twin flames – a tempting concept, but it can distract you from how you really feel

Confession time: I’ve spent plenty of time Googling these terms, and wondering whether my partner is one or other of them, but they seem simplistic to me – and ultimately unimportant.

Plus, if you’re very attached to putting a label on your partner, or obsessed with meeting your twin flame, it can stop you getting in touch with how you really feel about the person in front of you, and may be a sign of spiritual bypassing (avoiding emotional and mental discomfort by focusing on spiritual concepts instead).

Instead, focus on getting clear on whether your relationships are working for you, where you’re being held back by the past, what stops you knowing for yourself what’s right, and healing your energetic and emotional blocks.

What is a true soul partnership?

A soul partnership does not always feel blissful – at times it’s far from it, because, like all relationships, it brings up all your unhealed stuff. This happens no matter how much emotional and spiritual work you’ve done.

But here’s how a true soul partnership is different:

  • You recognise that relationships are about our individual and collective growth, so you try not to take your disappointments and hurts only at face value
  • You try to take responsibility for your own emotional reactions (energy blocks or unhealed wounds can make this very difficult)
  • It feels as though something deep and important is going on below the surface – like this relationship is different from others you’ve had

The beauty of soul partnerships

Although soul partnerships can be extremely challenging, there are truly beautiful rewards to be enjoyed:

  • As you heal your energetic and emotional wounds, and begin to love yourself deeply, you become more able to deal with relationship challenges
  • It becomes easier to navigate your needs for closeness and distance, and hold space for your our own vulnerability and struggles with intimacy, and those of your partner
  • Then, bursts of real joy can happen. They may be just glimpses at first, but as trust and intimacy build and shame dissipates, the joy and peace becomes more sustained and love deepens
  • You begin to feel that on some level, you are fulfilling a part of your soul’s destiny
  • You become not just ‘happy’, but satisfied – at a deep, soul level.
Rose quartz crystals, a heart-shaped stone and a labyrinth pendulum for balancing energy – all sacred objects I used in my Soul Partnerships healing work.

What’s stopping you having a true soul partnership?

Emotional, mental and cultural blocks to soul partnerships

  • Needing validation from the other person, because we do not love ourselves, and ending up pushing them away
  • Not being clear on what we really want, because we do not believe we deserve something really good – so therefore not getting it or settling for something less
  • Avoiding intimacy because we find it overwhelming or draining
  • Listening too much to what other people think, and not knowing how to go within and find out what our soul really wants for us
  • Unconsciously accepting the messages that society gives us about what relationships ‘should’ look like and what they are for

Energetic blocks to soul partnerships

  • Energetic cords that tie you to exes
  • Attachment wounds from childhood trauma, or even birth trauma, where you may have failed to develop the feeling of being safe, secure and loved
  • Ancestral wounds/contracts about relationships that are outside your conscious awareness
  • Unhelpful beliefs or thoughts you have about women/men/partners, picked up from family, friends or society
  • Trauma from past hurt in relationships, which may have caused part of your soul to leave, meaning that not all of you can be present in the relationship

The Soul Partnerships Package

This package is designed to help you heal the blocks I’ve talked about above, and develop a foundation of self love, self awareness and energetic freedom on which you can build a true soul partnership.

1. Free chat and shamanic journey (30 minutes)

Contact me to arrange a free chat (or you can tell me why you’re interested over email). Next, I’ll do a shamanic journey to ask my guides for any information about your case, and if it’s right for us to work together. No charge for this part.

2. Love and sex clarity session (90 minutes)

If you decide to go ahead, the first part of your package is an in-depth clarity session about your relationship with yourself and with others.

We’ll get to the heart of the matter – what’s really important to you when it comes to relationships. We’ll prepare the ground for your energy work by feeling into where you might be attached to past partners, and get clear on the ideas, patterns and beliefs that might be blocking you from fulfilment in relationships. Most importantly, we’ll set the healing intention for the energy work that comes next.

3. Deep energetic cleanse, cord-cutting, womb cleansing and soul retrieval (2-3 hours)

Next, we’ll get to work on the energetic level, with a deep energy cleanse and healing.

  • I’ll remove energy blocks, and cut cords that still bind you to any of your exes.
  • I’ll ask my guides and allies for information to help you learn what you need to from these past relationships, so you’re more free to move on.
  • I’ll carry out a deep womb cleansing to free your sacred feminine space from fear, negativity and ancestral wounds/beliefs that may be carried there.
  • I’ll retrieve any soul parts that are ready to come back that are affecting your ability to be in a soul partnership, and find out what gifts and abilities they are bringing back.
  • I’ll also find out if there are any rituals or actions for you to do to help you to love yourself and others more freely.
  • I’ll send you a detailed write up of the session, and then you’ll take as much time as you need to integrate the powerful healing that’s happened on both an energetic and emotional level.

4. Future-focused love and sex power hour session

When you’re feeling ready, we’ll have another power hour where I’ll help you get clear on what you want from future relationships and guide you on how you can build on your energetic healing to develop and grow in ways that will help you get it.

Booking your Soul Partnerships Package

Investment: £500

Soul Partnerships Package

Deep energetic healing, and a powerful dive into your relationships with yourself and others.