Shamanic Soul Purpose Quest

Zoom course with flexible start dates.

  • Do you long for a life of meaning, but have no idea what that looks like?
  • Do you ache to live a live that feels more true? More you?
  • Do you long to make a difference, but doubt you have what it takes?
  • Have you glimpsed your ‘real’ life’, but feel paralysed by self doubt?
  • Do you fear you won’t live your purpose because your past holds you back?

The Shamanic Soul Purpose Quest can help.

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You’re here on a mission, and:

  • That restlessness, dissatisfaction and confusion you feel is your soul calling you to a more authentic life.
  • You can heal the wounds of the past and create meaningful change in your life.
  • The time is now.

Move from doubt to action

A recent news article* reported that only 9% of people want things to go back to ‘normal’ after the Coronavirus crisis.

As the world emerges from its cocoon, people are wanting to live in a more authentic, soulful way. We are all being called to wake up to the truth of how we’ve been living, and to discover who we really are beneath the condition of society and our childhood defences.

The more people wake up, the more healed our world will become.

The Shamanic Soul Purpose Quest can help you:

  • Get clear on how your soul wants to contribute to the world now
  • Discover how to live a soul-centred life
  • Identify and release the blocks that stop you moving forward
  • Heal the past
  • Take soul-centred action on a project, or simply begin living a more authentic life

A soul-driven life is a meaningful life

Living a soul-driven life is the number one way to experience a life of meaning. And it’s the only way to live your unique story.

As former palliative care nurse Bronnie Ware famously notes in her book ‘The Top Five Regrets of the Dying’, the number one regret of dying people is: ‘I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.’

A soul-driven life feels exciting, meaningful and energising. An inauthentic life feels lacking in meaning, limited and draining.

The problem

Most people don’t understand that the soul speaks in whispers, glimpses, feelings and ‘knowings’, and not in the black-and-white language of the mind. Why would they? We’re not taught anything about the soul: how it communicates, what it is or why getting to know your own soul is so important.

Because of this, it can seem like messages from our soul are not as ‘real’ as those our mind gives us, so we dismiss them.

Not only that, but because of beliefs we’ve internalised, we don’t think we can carry out our soul’s purpose, or we don’t even see all the possibilities that are open to us.

That leads to thoughts like:

  • I’m imagining this dissatisfaction – maybe a new job will fix it. I’ll start looking now.
  • Who am I to write this book/launch this project/take this trip/do this crazy thing/put this idea out there/create this business?
  • I’ll never make money from living a more authentic life
  • I’m too (fill in the blank) or not (fill in the blank enough) to do anything different

When we believe those thoughts, we never fulfil our life’s mission on this Earth, and we might only realise that on our deathbed.

The solution – Shamanic Soul Purpose Quest

The Shamanic Soul Purpose Quest is for you if you want to:

  • Get clear on your soul purpose – who you really are at a soul level
  • Move towards your next soul-inspired project, life change or adventure
  • Clear blocks to taking action. Blocks might be things like: not being clear on your next step, self-doubt, shame or ancestral wounds that are holding you back.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what your soul’s deepest longing is. Getting clearer is all part of the work. And if you just want to begin living a more soul-driven life, but don’t have a project in mind, the Quest is perfect for that, too.

I’m a certified shamanic healer and Soul Purpose Guide, so I’ve got exactly the right the skills and experience to guide you through the twists and turns of the adventure of soulful living.

This is an intensive transformational journey that works on your energetic, emotional and mental blocks to living a life of soul-centered purpose.

Month 1: Healing the past and removing energy blocks

  • Deep dive into your life story (on Zoom) to powerfully inform our work together.
  • Hour-long session on how to connect with your soul’s wisdom
  • 3-hour in-depth shamanic healing session – Energetic Cleanse and Soul Empowerment, to heal wounds of the past, remove energy blocks and restore your soul to wholeness (you can’t live a fully soulful life if part of your soul is not there!)
  • Suggested practices to keep you soulfully connected between sessions

Month 2: Discovering your soul purpose

  • Two hour-long sessions connecting with soul images and interpreting their messages for your soul’s path – writing, shamanic soul work, guided imagery. Includes working with the resistance that naturally arises when we try to live our soul’s path.
  • Power Animal Retrieval. I’ll journey to retrieve a power animal for you that can guide and protect you on your soul purpose journey, and be your ally through life.
  • 1-hour session working with your power animal to interpret its messages and receive guidance for your soul’s path
  • You’ll enjoy time to integrate the deep healing you’ve received in month one, and to begin to get to know your power animal.
  • Suggested practices to keep you soulfully connected and help you receive guidance on your action steps.

Month 3: Action, accountability and learning to navigate the natural conflict between ego and soul

Now that you’ve had time to integrate your healing, received a powerful ally for your soul journey and learned to receive and interpret soul images, it’s time for action.

  • Four hour-long weekly calls focusing on putting your soul-centered project or idea into action.
  • We’ll do more work on any blocks that come up, including working with different parts of the psyche that may still resist moving forward in an attempt to keep you safe.
  • If you need practical business help, for example with copywriting or websites, I can assist with that too.


Let’s have a chat, and we can see if the Quest is right for you.