Shamanic Soul Purpose Quest – Module 8

High-Definition Giveaway and Task

In this module, we are zeroing in on just the Giveaway and Task segments of the Octagon.

This is the last purpose discovery module, and our work this week will form the basis of what we do for the last four weeks. So give it everything you’ve got – and, at the same time, do not worry if you do not receive fully comprehensive answers. You will receive whatever is right, so trust the process.

Note: although it seems as though the exercise on Task is much shorter than the one for Giveaway, it is equally important – if not more. In fact, your Task is going to be your focus for the final month of our work. Exciting stuff!

Living your purpose

In a purpose-driven life, your objective is to embody your soul’s gifts so you can freely share them with others. 

In Vision Quest ceremonies, indigenous peoples sent their young people out on a four-day quest to find their unique gift for the tribe. What they brought back to the tribe to ‘giveaway’ was their contribution to their society. Performing your Giveaway (your Unique Transformational Process) is thus both deeply fulfilling and a response to the world’s needs.

More about your Giveaway

A Unique Transformational Process, or Giveaway is:

  • Process – an action that can be offered to yourself, another or a group
  • Activity – something you do, as opposed to something you are (as with Essence)
  • Benefit – an invaluable support
  • Service – a helpful activity that helps evolve a person, group or situation
  • Contribution  – adding to the development or betterment of people, animals, habitats, etc.
  • Transformational – a profound change/shift for the person receiving the Giveaway
  • Evolutionary  – a process that accelerates a person’s or society’s growth

In the two examples below, notice that these transformational processes are actually a sequence of actions that someone performs for the benefit of another person.

Comedian: ‘I invoke laughter to lighten the load, and ease people into their joy.’

Guide: ‘I weave cocoons to facilitate the growth and transformation of people who will change the world.’  

Learning how your Unique Transformational Process works

After discovering what your Giveaway is, the next step is to learn how it works. 

Let’s say my Unique Transformational Process is ‘helping people to see in the dark’. When I hear that, I might feel instinctively, and know deep within that yes, this is what I am here for. 

But what does ‘helping people to see in the dark’ entail exactly? To learn the details of my Giveaway, I ask the six following questions: who, what, where, why, when and how. 

Who: Who are the kinds of people for whom my transformational process is meant?  What is their gender, age, race, orientation, political affiliation, economic status? What fields do they work in?

What (state are they in): What circumstances are my people in, when I meet them?  How would they describe their current situation?  What is their mood like?  What part of their life feels like it is in disrepair or in need of some support?

When: When is the best time in a person’s life for me to meet them and perform my Transformational Process?  How long does it take me to perform the Process?  Is my Giveaway something I do once or does it take multiple meetings?

Where: Where will my Transformational Process happen? What is the optimal environment for my offering to unfold?

Why: What is the goal for my Transformational Process?  What are the signs that the target objective has been reached?  When will we know the work is finished?

How: What are the progressive rungs of the ladder of my Process? What is the first rung?  What do I actually do to carry out the first step?  What techniques and competencies will be required?  

Example answers for ‘helping people see in the dark’:

Q: Who are the people I help?

A: People who are afraid to see the light, because they are afraid of the dark.

Q: What state are they in?

A: Ready to be pushed over the edge, gently, with someone holding their hand. When they are ready, the timing is perfect.

Q: Where?

Ceremony, Circles, Book, Portugal, Online, All over the world

Q: Why?

A: To create ‘high-awareness ants’ – I saw an image of columns of ants – tiny on their own, but a powerful and determined force when together. To change the world into a conscious world.

Q: How – what are the micro steps?  (note: the answers I received are quite high level. You may receive more detail than this – e.g. the actual ‘real-world’ steps and process for your work, in the order you do them.)

•          Demystify fear

•          Share my own vulnerability

•          Use humour and lightness

•          Foster connection, togetherness and unity to encourage the realisation that we all share the same struggles

•          Use my intuition

•          Empower people to empower themselves and retrieve their own power, educate them so they realise that the only true source of guidance is within

•          I help them get a power pack – fire in their belly, where before it was like a deflated balloon

•          I challenge all the conventions of this world and I help create tomorrow’s world

•          I model bravery. By overcoming fear people can be empowered. When they are empowered they are less likely to attack others. Leads to a loving, braver, kinder world.

•          I am always open-minded and avoid labels as much as possible

•          I saw an image of a program for women to encourage bravery, challenging the way we live our lives and facing our shadow. It would be playful as well as a serious business.

•          I saw the access route to empowerment as involving soul, spirit and the middle world, and my work would involve all three of these in some way.

Exercise a) Now, go ahead and ask Soul the six questions in relation to your Giveaway: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How. Ask your power animal to be with you as you journal.

Note: If you feel you’re not clear on your Giveaway yet, before you do this exercise, pick your favourite tool and use it to see if you can get an answer now – e.g. soul-centric journaling, asking questions out in nature, power animal journaling, dancing, drawing, Entelechy Meditation, Soul’s Purpose Meditation (make it your intention to receive information about your Giveaway). Don’t stress about it or think too much. Just give it a go.

Remember, the answer may not come in words. And, you may face conscious or unconscious resistance in doing this. Notice it, and do it anyway. Give it your best shot!

Exercise b) Completion questions

When you have finished the six questions, ask these questions too.

1. When will I know that I am finished serving a particular person? 

2. How will they feel upon completion? 

3. What transformation will have taken place?  

4. How will they act, feel, or think differently as a result of going through my offering?  

5. How will I feel upon completing my work with this person/these people?  

6. What impact does the Transformational Process have on the individual, their family, their community, humanity, and the planet, once people have finished working with me?

The ‘How’ section of the Transformational Process

There are quite a few steps to any particular Giveaway. You may be the only person who gets clearly, what is happening at the deepest level of your Giveaway. The people you serve do not need to understand it. But it is helpful for you to know the inner spiritual dimension of your Giveaway, particularly if you’re going to be marketing your services. 

It may take months (or years) to get clarity on your giveaway steps. Not to worry: you can do purposeful work in the world with just a general understanding of your Giveaway. Not everyone wants or needs this level of clarity around their purpose. But it’s worth giving it a shot to see what comes.

Note: You will offer your Giveaway in a variety of delivery vehicles, and with each new context you naturally adapt the process steps to the situation. Your Giveaway is the thing you do, over and over, and in many contexts, that is your unique gift. 

Once you have finished journaling on the detail of your Giveaway, you can move onto Task.

Exercise c) Task

Your Task is what you will focus on as the first step towards embodying your purpose. Your Task is a ‘real world’ action, project or undertaking. The last four weeks of our work together will be devoted to putting your Task into action. So, let’s get some more clarity on it. Ask Soul: 

What is the first Task (project) I should carry out in order to start embodying my purpose fully in the world?

Take the answer you get, and ask more questions of Soul, to help you to have as much information as possible to help you begin your Task.

For example, if your Task is writing a book, you could ask questions like: What is the title? What is the purpose of the book? How will it change people? What else do I need to know? How should I start?

These are just ideas – allow the questions to come, and write without judgement.

Send me at least a paragraph about your experience of doing these exercises.

Good luck!

Tara x