Shamanic Soul Purpose Quest – Module 7

Soul Communication

Diving deeper into the different facets of purpose

Exercise a) Soul-centric journaling 

The famed Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, was a significant figure in developing Active Imagination, also known as Jungian Journaling, or Soul-centric journaling.

This approach to journaling provides a simple and direct path for accessing the guidance of your soul. It’s a similar process to the way you worked with your power animal in Module 6. I have included a little more guidance on the process, and tips for what to do if you don’t receive answers for some parts.

Soul-centric journaling has the following basic features:

1. It’s a conversation between you and your soul.

By ‘you’ I mean your everyday personality or ego; the ‘you’ that you usually take yourself to be. 

2. Soul: Soul is who you truly are, the reason you were born, and the niche you were meant to occupy. 

We experience our unique mythopoetic identity at the level of soul, not ego. Though soul is unique and individual to you, it is not a dimension or a voice of your everyday personality and ego. Soul is transpersonal, meaning that it lies ‘beyond’ ego, in a spiritual realm of its own.

3. Dialogue: In soul-centric journaling, you facilitate a conversation between your ordinary consciousness (‘you’) and soul. 

4. Format: Your journaling will look like the script of a play, with the dialogue occurring between the two ‘characters’ of your Ego and your Soul. 

Soul-centric journaling is simple to do. Don’t overthink it! How it works is: 

1. Write your question. 

2. Wait for an answer, and then write what you ‘hear’, without judging, editing or thinking about the answer. Answers may be in the form of images or may not seem to make logical sense. Write them anyway. 

3. Then ask the next question and then wait for an answer, and so on.

Here’s a reminder of the different Octagon parts, to help you with this.

  • Vision

Definition: Your vision is the ideal world your soul longs to see – what the world would look like if you were to embody your deepest aspiration and purpose. 

Image of a woman in a wild natural landscape with mountains
  • Values

Definition: Your values are the deep, soul-level principles (core ideals or beliefs) that support your purpose and help shape your efforts. What values do you strive to live by?

  • Powers

Definition: Your powers are your natural, soul-level abilities – the things you do naturally.

  • Essence 

Definition: Your essence isn’t something you do. It is the effortless radiance of your being. When you enter a room, what do people sense? This is your essence.

  • Giveaway

Definition: Your giveaway is your core soul-level offering, process, or gift.

This is what you actively do to people (or to anything non-human) to transform them/it. It might sound poetic or come in the form of an image. 

  • Task   

Definition: A real-world project, assignment, or mission you undertake to take you closer to your Vision. Example: If your Vision includes ‘a world where nobody is homeless’, a Task to support this might be setting up a charity to raise money to buy homes for homeless people. You will have many tasks to do when fulfilling your soul’s purpose. You don’t need to know all of them now; just focus on the next one.

  • Message  

Definition: The single, fundamental truth you were designed to propagate. What is your message to humanity?

  • Delivery System:  

Definition: The visible means (career, profession, vocation) by which you offer your giveaway to the world. Normally sounds like a job title: ‘Psychologist’ ‘Workshop leader’ etc. 


Tara: Hi Soul, would you be willing to speak with me about some of the dimensions of my purpose?

(I allow my hands to rest on the keyboard until something automatically types itself, or hold my pen until something wants to be written.)

Soul: Yes.

T: Great, thank you. Please show me the vision of my life’s purpose

S: ….

(I wait. Nothing happens. I wait some more. Still nothing.)

T: Again, would you please show me the vision of my life’s purpose?

S: ….

(Still silence. I decide to ask a different question.)

T: Ok, let me ask another question. Can I ask about my Values?

S: Yes.

T: Ok. What are my soul’s values?

S: Your values are truth, truth like a flame that lights up the world, integrity, awakening…you want people to wake up more than anything ….

Remember, your soul is not linear or logical. The answer you get may not relate to the question you asked. Be open to that.

Also, if you don’t get an answer to one part, and you move on, you can try again later.

Doing the exercise

Allow at least 1.5 hours for this exercise (preparation and journaling). 

Before you begin, make sure you have everything ready: a notebook and pen (or your computer) and the questions. 


white pillar candle on brown wooden holder
  1. Start by spending a few minutes in meditation. Centre yourself, and feel the strength of your intention and desire to know your purpose. If this desire feels a bit weak, consciously turn up the volume, so that you begin this exercise feeling a longing/yearning/determination to know the different parts of your purpose. Your soul will respond to your sincerity.
  2. Now, power up this exercise even more by calling in your power animal to be with you as you dialogue with Soul (this time you are not dialoguing with your animal, simply asking them to assist and strengthen the experience). To call in your animal, dance as your animal (be your animal – let its spirit overtake you) to this music. It only takes a few minutes, and will really make this exercise more powerful.

That’s it! Now you can get started with journaling on your questions.

Suggested questions:

1. Soul, what is my Vision?

2. What are my Values?

3. What are my Powers?

4. What is my Essence?

5. What is my Giveaway?

6. What is my Task?

7. What is my Message?

8. What is/are my Delivery System(s)?

9. What is my Mythopoetic Identity?

10. Is there anything else you want me to know?

Exercise b)

This week, as well as communing with nature, pay special attention to prayer. Every day, pray to the Mystery (or whatever you pray to) to help you to know the different aspects of your soul’s purpose.

Exercise c)

Look over all the answers and guidance you have received from the soul-centric journaling, and from Module 6, and also from other activities and any notes you have made from nature walks, etc. Let the information work on you (try not to ‘think’ about it). 

What feels ‘alive?’ What feels intriguing or exciting? Is there anything you feel called to explore more? If so, do that, using any means you want to, such as journaling, nature, dancing, etc.

Exercise d)

With a sketchbook and pencil, sit in a quiet, calm space and ask Soul to help you to draw your Mythopoetic Identity (you could choose to do this right after the journaling, since you will be in the right zone). Go with whatever comes!

Send me at least a paragraph about your experience of engaging in each exercise – a, b and c and d.