Shamanic Soul Purpose Quest – Module 6

Meeting your Purpose Power Animal

We’re now beginning our second month together, and we’re no longer focusing primarily on healing, but on actively seeking your soul’s guidance on your purpose.

Last week, you began working with the concept of ‘mythopoetic’ (soul-level) identity. This week, we will focus on the different ‘facets’ of your purpose – the eight parts of the Purpose Octagon.

We’ll begin by working with your Power Animal – a wonderful, joyful, magical ally that wants only to guide and protect you, and to help you become your fullest, truest self.

Exercise a) – Connecting with your Power Animal

Time to play with your Purpose Power Animal!

Pick a time when you can be alone and in silence for at least an hour. Create a sacred space, clean the energy, whatever feels right. Have a notebook and pen ready. Or, if you prefer, you can use your phone to record what comes, instead of writing it down (if you do that, write it down afterwards).

When you are ready, meditate or sit in silence, and ask your power animal to come to you. You may have a felt sense of a shift in energy when you consciously connect with your power animal. Spend as much time as you want just bathing in this connection. Feel the love between you. Connect without words, welcome your animal, and thank it for being with you.

Next, ask your power animal if you can ask it some questions about your purpose. Since this animal is your purpose guide in animal form, expect to get a yes!

When you are ready, begin asking your power animal the specific questions below. After asking each question, sit in silence and see what comes. Write it down, or speak it out loud and record it. 

  1. (Animal name), what is my Vision?
  2. What are my soul’s Values?
  3. What are my soul’s core Powers?
  4. What is my Essence?
  5. What is my Giveaway?
  6. What is my next Task?
  7. What is my Message?
  8. What is/are my Delivery System(s)?
  9. What is my Mythopoetic Identity? (my soul, in image form)
  10. Is there anything else you want me to know?

Do this at least once this week.

The Purpose Octagon – a reminder

Infographic showing the Purpose Octagon - the eight different facets of purpose

The Octagon breaks down ‘purpose’ (which is big and quite vague) into eight smaller parts, to help you understand how your soul-level identity actually manifests in the human form that is you.

Purpose Octagon – definitions of the eight parts

  1. Vision

Definition: Your vision is the ideal world your soul longs to see – what the world would look like if youwere to embody your deepest aspiration and purpose. 

  • Values

Definition: Your values are the deep, soul-level principles (core ideals or beliefs) that support your purpose and help shape your efforts. What values do you strive to live by?

  • Powers

Definition: Your powers are your natural, soul-level abilities – the things you do naturally.

  • Essence 

Definition: Your essence isn’t something you do. It is the effortless radiance of your being. When you enter a room, what do people sense? This is your essence.

  • Giveaway

Definition: Your giveaway is your core soul-level offering, process, or gift.

This is what you actively do to people (or anything non-human) to transform them/it. It might sound poetic or come in the form of an image. 

  • Task   

Definition: A real-world project, assignment, or mission you undertake to take you closer to your Vision. Example: If your Vision includes ‘a world where nobody is homeless’, a Task to support this might be setting up a charity to raise money to buy homes for homeless people. You will have many tasks to do when fulfilling your soul’s purpose. You don’t need to know all of them now; just focus on the next one.

  • Message  

Definition: The single, fundamental truth you were designed to propagate. What is your message to humanity?

  • Delivery System:  

Definition: The visible means (career, profession, vocation) by which you offer your giveaway to the world. Normally sounds like a job title: ‘Psychologist’ ‘Workshop leader’ etc. 

Exercise b) – Purpose Octagon

Spend time reading these definitions and let them sink in. Make sure you understand them. It’s important, at this stage. If you have any questions, email them to me and I will help you to get clarity. Having a good understanding of the different aspects of purpose will be really helpful as we go forward.

Also notice if any resistance (uncomfortable feelings, reluctance, fear, critical thoughts) comes up when you think about seeking/getting answers to any of these aspects. Make a note of them.

Exercise c) – Entelechy Meditation

At least once this week (more if you like), listen to the Entelechy meditation below. Ideally, do this a few days before or after working with your Power Animal on the same questions. Leave a bit of space between the two.

Before you begin, make sure you have a pen and paper, to note down any words, images or sensations that come to you during the meditation. Alternatively, you could speak out loud what comes, and record it on your phone.

The meditation last for 25 minutes. If you choose to pause the recording while you write things down, you will need a little more time.

Image of a fairy queen against a golden moon

Exercise d)

Look over what you have received this week, and also look back over the answers you have had from your Soul about your purpose up to now, in previous exercises. Are there any common themes? What is emerging? How does it feel? Make a note of anything that comes up.

Exercise e)

Write at least a paragraph about each of the exercises in this module, and send it to me by the end of the day before our next meeting.


Tara x