Shamanic healing

First up, if you’re a bit unsure what shamanism is all about, read What is shamanism?

All my shamanic treatments are gentle and non-invasive, and usually enjoyable! Sessions happen at my home near central Stroud, or remotely.

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What to expect from your shamanic healing session

First of all, know that there will always be tea and blankets.

Before we begin, I make sure you feel comfortable and safe. We will talk first, to find out what you hope to get from the session. When we begin the work you will sit on the sofa or lie down, depending on the work we are doing.

A picture of the room where I do my shamanic treatments, showing a grey sofa with two yellow cushions and a blue cushion with a hummingbird design. There is also a cosy pink blanket on the sofa, and a piece of hand-embroidered fabric with an intricate Shipibo design.
The shamanic sofa at my home in Stroud

Who is shamanic healing for?


We all pick up unhelpful energy from other people or our surroundings, or we carry it from things that have happened to us. And most of us have experienced traumatic events, which can result in soul and power loss.

Energy extraction

Removal of energy that is not yours or energy that is not serving you.

This is a gentle, non-invasive treatment. There’s no need to talk, if you don’t want to. Afterwards, I will perform a power animal retrieval or a soul retrieval, depending on guidance from the spirits.

Best for:

  • Feeling blocked
  • Repeating unhelpful patterns in your life
  • Suffering from disease or illness

Energy extraction is available in person or remotely.

Power animal retrieval

Sometimes life can leave us feeling vulnerable and disempowered. I can journey to the spirit realm to receive a spirit ally to guide and protect you, which often appears in the form of an animal. Most people find this a very special and uplifting experience.

Best for:

  • Feeling disempowered or vulnerable
  • Feeling alone or unsafe in the world

Power animal retrieval is available in person or remotely.

Soul retrieval

When we undergo a trauma, the feelings can be too much to bear. In psychology, the understanding is that we might ‘dissociate’ to escape the experience. In shamanism, we say that ‘part of the soul’ (or our psyche, or our energy, if you prefer) leaves and takes refuge in a safe place in the spirit realm. This is so that we can survive the experience.

But once the trauma is over, it is no longer helpful for our soul parts to be missing. I can journey into non-ordinary reality to find your missing soul parts and bring them home.

When they return, they can bring back to you gifts and talents and a feeling of wholeness you may not have felt for a long time. This is an incredibly powerful and beautiful shamanic treatment.

Before doing a soul retrieval, I would first normally carry out energy extraction, to prepare your energy field to receive your returning soul parts.

Best for:

  • Feeling not whole or complete
  • Feeling as though something is missing

Soul retrieval is available in person or remotely.

Healing and release in nature

I am trained not just in shamanic practice, but in eco shamanism. Eco shamanism puts a special emphasis on our relationship to the Earth. It recognises that people are inseparable from the Earth – our ultimate Mother.

I offer healing sessions out in nature that can be incredibly powerful.

Working outside with the nature spirits is always magical! You may gain insight, healing and clarity. You may be given a ritual from spirit to release something or someone. Nature is our guide and our teacher, and all of the nature spirits are waiting to help you to heal. This is a wonderful way to experience shamanic healing and reconnect with nature.

Best for:

  • Making decisions
  • Getting clarity
  • Rituals for release and empowerment
  • Marking transitions and life stages

Healing sessions in nature are available in person only, in Stroud.

Divination (for clarity and perspective)

Maybe you’ve used Tarot cards, oracle cards or some other form of divination.

I offer divination sessions at my home in Stroud using a divination system given to me by Spirit. People have had some magical and beautiful results with this method.

Best for:

  • Seeing the hidden subtleties and gifts of life situations
  • Gaining a new perspective
  • Getting clear on your next move

Divination is available in person only, in Stroud.

Shamanic journeying for information, insight and clarity

I can journey to the spirit realms for you to seek information, guidance and insight on any issue related to your own life.

Best for:

  • Getting a spiritual perspective on something, beyond what appears to be going on in ordinary reality
  • Receiving comfort, support and guidance from the spirit realm

Shamanic journeying is available remotely.

After your shamanic healing, your life will change

Some change will happen naturally; while in other areas you might need to make conscious changes in order to integrate the healing you have received and really reap the benefits so that you live more of your full potential each day. If you receive guidance from the spirits about change that needs to happen in your life, you need to heed it and take the appropriate action!