Power Animal Session

(available remotely)

Power up your life with the help of your animal guide

Receiving the energy of your own personal spirit animal is a gentle, yet powerful experience.

What is a power animal?

A power animal is a spirit guide, helper and protector that appears to me in animal form. If you’ve been drawn to consider a power animal retrieval, it likely means that there’s a power animal that could help you with your life right now.

How can a power animal help you?

Maybe you’re feeling low, vulnerable or lost. A power animal can bring you qualities to help you through this time. There are no rules about what different power animals can give you – it’s all about what that animal means to you. For example, a wolf might mean loyalty and intelligence to you, but courage and feminine power to someone else.

How a power animal session works

First of all, we’ll talk by phone, email or in person (post Coronavirus, that is) and I’ll find out what’s going on for you and what you’re needing help with.

Then, to help you get the best possible results, we’ll discuss together what the intention for my shamanic journey should be.

For example, I could ask my guides and allies ‘Please show me a power animal that wants to come to Emily at this time’, and I’ll retrieve whatever animal can most help you at the time. Or, I could ask ‘Please show me an animal that can strengthen, guide and protect Emily as she goes through her divorce.’ The words are less important than both of us getting clear together about your desire for help and protection, and your willingness to receive help from the spirit realm.

After that, I’ll carry out a shamanic journey to find your spirit animal ally. I’ll ask it for any message or guidance it has for you, and any rituals it would like you to do to welcome it.

Finally, I’ll bring back its energy with me into our everyday reality, and I’ll blow it into your crown chakra, so it can blend with your own energy (this works beautifully remotely, too).

You might feel results straight away, or over the next few days or weeks. Much depends on the work you do to welcome and work with the animal that has chosen to come to you.

Welcoming and working with your power animal

The end of the journey is just the beginning of your relationship with your power animal. Now you can enjoy building and strengthening your relationship with this very special spirit animal. How to do that?

  • Ask your power animal to come to you in dreams
  • Journal with it
  • Meditate with it
  • Donate to charities that help protect it

When you make your power animal a part of your daily life, and it will become a beautiful source of guidance, strength, protection and companionship.

Booking your Power Animal Session

Investment: £85

Power Animal Session

Receive the energy, protection and guidance of your animal guide.