Kundalini awakening

A kundalini awakening can be the hardest thing we ever experience. If you’re having a rough time, know that you don’t have to go through this alone.

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My crazy, beautiful kundalini awakening story

I had a kundalini awakening several years ago, after many years of spiritual seeking and a couple of years working intensely with plant medicines in Peru.

Non-stop bliss? No! I cried all day, every day for the first six months, and experienced all kinds of weird physical symptoms

And that was the easy part, because then I felt compelled to deconstruct my whole life.

  • I gave up the work I used to do (I was a digital copywriter for big companies in London)
  • I sold my home in London (guided by spirit) and spent two years with no real base. I stayed with friends and went back and forwards to Peru 
  • I tried to figure out what was going on and what to do with my life (while still crying a lot and having all the weird physical stuff)

Our outer world reflects our inner world. My inner world had completely shifted, so the circumstances of my life mirrored that.

I believe that kundalini energy is a beautiful, magical gift, but I know for sure it doesn’t always feel like it.

Slowly, by tuning into the incredible guidance that was increasingly available to me, and learning to recognise and act on subtle feelings and signs, my life took on a new shape. 

  • I put down roots in a new place – a small spiritual town with very different energy from London
  • I began training in shamanism and to be a soul purpose guide
  • As I began to make changes in the direction of my soul, my life slowly became more balanced

In the process, I have walked through huge amounts of fear and doubt, and gone against the advice and conventions of friends, family and society. Not easy!

Things feel a lot more manageable now. Most days I feel grounded and stable, and very much rooted and happy in my new life. I still have ups and downs though, that sometimes feel destabilising.

Kundalini awakening support

What I craved more than anything, especially immediately after my kundalini awakening, was the support of someone who understood what I was going through

I had ‘spiritual’ friends and a therapist, but I didn’t know anyone personally who had experienced a kundalini awakening, With my host of weird symptoms – including endless crying, releasing energy through burping – not to mention my compulsion to rearrange my whole life – I felt very alone. 

Since kundalini’s purpose (I believe) is to bring us to truth and wholeness, and given that we have all built lives based to some extent on illusion, awakening affects every area of our lives.

On top of any physical symptoms we experience, the effect of kundalini on our lives can be overwhelming, and can result in:

  • Huge shifts in identify that can feel disorientating
  • Changes in sexual orientation (or apparent changes – we may realise that we have been denying our true preference)
  • An urgent need to change our work
  • Letting go of old relationships and friends
  • A total shift in self perception
  • Seeing the world and its leaders as it/they really are and the overwhelming grief and mental shifts that can accompany this

And about a zillion other issues that can arise in every single part of life.

All of this can be very challenging for the mind and body to deal with, and it can be grounding to have support in what can be an overwhelming and lengthy experience.

I provide support online (through Zoom) or on the phone for you in your kundalini awakening process. It’s a safe space to process the crazy things that are happening to you, and to gain insights and new perspectives.

Contact me about kundalini awakening support.