Find your soul purpose

Soul purpose discovery programme

Join me on a journey to discover the work you were born to do.

From ancient Sufi philosophy to shamanic journeying and seeking answers in wild nature, I will guide you on a magical, life-changing adventure to find the treasure at the heart of your being – your soul’s purpose.

Your purpose gives meaning, shape and joy to your life.

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When you determine to discover your soul’s purpose, the spirits align to support you, life becomes more magical and the events of your life begin to make sense.

Not only that, but you begin to play your intended part in the evolution of humanity.

Only you can play your unique part, because no other person has your gifts; your magic; your particular genius.

This is an intensive, highly supported programme.

Working one to one, I will guide you through this deep, transformative process, in which:

  • You will dive into powerful practices drawing on different spiritual traditions, which have been specifically designed to serve as a gateway into the other world – the place that holds the blueprint for your life; the place where you know what you were born to do. 
  • You will uncover your soul’s unique gifts and core powers
  • You will encounter the resistance of your ego and learn how to work with it so that it becomes an ally; not an obstacle
  • You will receive guidance and tools to discover not only the what of your soul’s purpose, but the how of it

To borrow the words of Rumi, what you seek is seeking you. Your soul’s purpose is calling to you now. I will teach you to speak the language of soul, so that you can find it.

A true calling is aimed at the genius qualities already set within each person.’ Michael Meade.

Who is the soul purpose discovery programme for?

Seriously consider this programme if:

  • The words above speak to something deep within you that has been trying to find a voice
  • You feel strongly that there is something else you are meant to be doing with your life, but you haven’t been able to get clear on what that is
  • You suspect that your wounds hold clues to what you are meant to do in the world
  • You are saddened by the state of our world, and suspect that you are here on Earth at this time to help turn things around
  • You crave a life of joy and meaning
  • You want to understand how your greatest suffering can become the heart of what you offer the world

There are limited places available for this programme. Acceptance based on phone chat. Contact me to arrange a chat.