Find your soul purpose

Soul Purpose Discovery Course

You want more from life. Work is going fine, but it doesn’t bring you alive. You’re seeking something deeper. More true. More you. You see the state of the world, and wonder if there’s something you could be doing to help.

Join me on an adventure to find your soul’s purpose, and discover the unique contribution you’re here to make.

What you can gain:
  • An understanding of your soul’s purpose – the reason you were born
  • Greater self-awareness, and tools to help you make better choices
  • The support of a community of like-minded women
  • Awareness of your blocks, and how to move beyond them
  • A deep, nurturing connection with the natural world
  • An understanding of the real nature of life and your place in it
  • Tools to discover who your gifts are for and how to deliver them

You’ll also receive powerful shamanic healing for past wounds to help your soul to shine even more.

Course begins early 2020

Limited places available

How does the course work?

Over four months, meeting once a week on Zoom or on the phone, I’ll guide you through twelve modules, all specially designed to prepare you to meet your own soul, teach you to communicate with it and receive messages from it about your soul’s purpose.

Individual and small group options (four women maximum) are available. For individual guiding, our meetings are one hour. For the small group option, meetings are 90 minutes.

Between meetings there’s reading and writing to deepen your journey. Email support is always available.

At the beginning of the course you’ll receive a powerful shamanic treatment, which I can do remotely, (energy extraction and soul retrieval) to help clear you of any negative energy you may have picked up from other people (it happens to all of us and is nothing to worry about!) and to bring home any soul parts that are ready to return to you. This helps put you on firmer ground for the course and for your life, and is the perfect beginning to your soul purpose discovery journey.

Course content


To live a purpose-driven life, we need to create a purpose-friendly environment. As we begin the journey, you will begin to create the container for the life of your soul.


A morning miracle ritual that prepares your heart, body and mind for living a soulful  life

How to create space in your life, so that something new, mysterious and magical can appear

How to recognise the whispers of your own soul as it communicates with you, and to allow your soul to come to the forefront of your life

How to make a ‘purpose altar’ in your home to serve as a sacred anchor point and amplifier for your purpose quest.

How to recognise common pitfalls on the road to a life of purpose.

Rivulets of water cutting a course through the sand at Soar Mill Cove, Devon


In this module we’ll look ahead and create a map for your purpose journey. You’ll discover the three worlds of consciousness and the eight different aspects of your soul’s purpose.


The eight distinct aspects of your soul’s purpose: your unique vision, values, powers, essence, giveaway, task, message and delivery system.

The three worlds of consciousness we embody in our lives, and to which we need to pay attention: the lower world (soul), middle world (ego) and the upper world (spirit).

How to transform everyday disappointments into spiritual growth.


Your default purpose is what’s guiding you and your choices now. It’s made up of messages from family and society, and defence mechanisms you have learned.


The difference between default purpose and soul’s purpose.

How to identify your specific default purpose, by looking at the messages acquired during childhood and beyond.

How to become aware of the self-talk, desires and behaviours that spring from your default purpose.

How to begin embodying a more authentic you by asking: ‘what would Soul do?’


In this module, you’ll delve into the story of your life to uncover clues to your soul’s purpose. You’ll discover how your soul has been signposting your purpose all along. 


To identify ‘soulprints’ from your history.

How your passions provide clues to your destiny.

To find the hidden evidence pointing towards your deepest purpose in your fantasies, ambitions, daydreams and the ways in which you want to be remembered.

To look for clues to your soul’s desires in your favourite books, films, hobbies, and the people you admire.


We explore ‘soul encounter’ techniques. Instead of ‘deducing’ what your purpose might be, you’ll use tools to make direct contact with your soul, and hear its messages.


How you actually can’t ‘be anything you want to be’, because your soul contains the unique blueprint for your life on Earth.

How your calling is inborn, and your mission is to obey the imperatives of your soul.

How to use the Entelechy Process for listening to the ‘oak tree of yourself.’


The SoulQuest is a one-day solo ceremony in nature. Supported by your community, you release what no longer serves you, fast and pray for a vision of your purpose. This module helps you prepare.


An ancient nature-based ceremony that has been practiced throughout history.

How wild nature mirrors your wild soul to you, revealing hidden depths and truths to you that you may not realise through thinking.

The three universal elements of the SoulQuest, including: immersion in nature, fasting from food and company and ceremony.

How to prepare and how to stay safe.

How to empty yourself out so that you can receive your soul’s true calling.

A steep cliff looms at one side of the small beach at Soar Mill Cove near Salcombe, Devon, England. In the foreground, the sun catches the light on the water in a shallow pool in the sand.


Meet the Critic, Skeptic, Controller, Rebel, Achiever, Protector, and Image Consultant – just a few of the many parts of your psyche that resist you finding and living your true purpose. 


That resistance to finding and living your soul’s deepest purpose is entirely natural.

The real and imagined risks of living your purpose from the perspective of the voices of resistance.  

How to uncover and soothe the authentic concerns of these parts of yourself.

How to work with and embrace your voices of resistance so that you can live your life’s destiny.


The aim of your life is to embody your soul’s gifts, so that you can offer them to the world and feel fulfilled. Native people have called this gift the Giveaway. Here, you’ll explore the finer points of your Giveway.


The nature of your High-Definition giveaway, specifically:

Who is my Giveaway meant for?

What circumstances are my people in when they come to me?

Where will I perform my Giveaway?

Why is my Giveaway important?

How do I perform my Giveaway? 


You’ll spend a day out in nature, where you’ll be well prepared to say goodbye to everything that stops you living your soul’s purpose, and step into being the woman you were born to be. Life may never be the same again.


What has been holding you back

The deepest desires your soul wants to express in the world

Your soul name – your true name

Who you really are, at a soul level


The return from a SoulQuest is a time of great energy and delight. You will share your story while your guide (and fellow questers, if doing the group course) receive and mirror the wisdom and wholeness you received.


How to re-enter your former life, bringing your unique gifts to your people.

How to keep the flame of your vision alive in the midst of a world that may seem indifferent.

How to stop your vision becoming a mere memory – how to keep it alive.

How to deepen and embody your purpose in your relationships, work and ordinary life.


You’ll review all of the soul messages you’ve received on the journey, and take the time to dream with them and let them inhabit you, without trying to figure things out or analyse them.


How to construct a purpose statement that accurately distills the essence of your purpose.

That your soul is always communicating with you

The value of slowing down and taking the time to reflect, and allowing images to work on you.


You switch your focus from discovering your purpose to living it. You’ve reached the end of one journey, but it’s just the beginning of a lifelong adventure of living a life in service to your soul, to love and to life.


How to write a ‘purpose myth’ to symbolize your purpose journey and help you integrate and embody your new knowings.

How to assess whether you have received sufficient information about your life purpose.

This is a fascinating journey. And the truth is, it’s about more than finding your purpose. It’s about waking up to who you really are. Don’t miss your chance to live your one true life.

Who is the Soul Purpose Discovery course for?

Seriously consider this programme if:

  • The words on this page speak to something deep within you that has been trying to find a voice
  • You feel strongly that there is something else you are meant to be doing with your life, but you haven’t been able to get clear on what that is
  • You wonder whether the wounds and struggles you have experienced in life may hold clues to who you are meant to be in the world
  • You are saddened by the state of our world, and suspect that you are here on Earth at this time to help turn things around
  • You crave a life of joy and meaning
  • You are willing to look at and talk about your shadow side – the parts of you you find difficult to accept.

There are limited places available for this programme. Acceptance based on phone chat. Contact me to arrange a chat.