Experience and training

I am certified as a Purpose GuideTM  by Purpose Guides Institute, based in California.

I am on the staff of Purpose Guides Institute and work as a mentor, guiding groups of people to discover their soul purpose. 

Whilst living in Peru I completed a year-long apprenticeship with a coca shaman where, among other things, I learned how to work in ceremony with people with this powerful, deeply feminine plant medicine. I also managed the top-rated plant medicine retreat in Iquitos, Peru, and spent a considerable time in the jungle doing medicine work with native curanderos, including many different plant diets (fasting while working with specific plant spirits).

I am a certified eco-shamanic practitioner, and have trained both in core shamanism and in the Andean tradition.

Eco shamanism is a blend of deep ecology and shamanism, and is particularly relevant in these times of climate crisis. In eco shamanic work, we sometimes leave the therapy room and do our healing work out in nature. Ultimately it is only in nature that we can really see ourselves – and we realise that nature too has consciousness, spirit and intelligence. In connecting with nature, in a very real way we connect with life itself.

Where necessary, and if the client wants to, I use shamanic practices such as energy extraction and soul retrieval in my purpose work. It can be incredibly helpful in helping people move on, sometimes from patterns that have been holding them back for years.

I have been on a spiritual and emotional healing path for over twenty years. I have done long-term psychotherapy and explored many different healing methods. 

I also have lengthy experience in 12-step programs, and have sponsored many recovering addicts.

My university degree was in French and Spanish. I originally intended to study Italian instead of Spanish, but through a quirk of ‘fate’ I ended up at a university that only offered Spanish. It wasn’t until many years later, when I went to Peru, that I understood there was a deeper significance to this. If I hadn’t been able to speak Spanish, I wouldn’t have been offered a job in Peru – the job that ended up changing my whole life!

When we look back over our lives, everything has its meaning.