Energy Reading Session

(available remotely)

Why did that happen? What is this about? What is the lesson of this situation for me?

We’ve all had times in our lives when we’ve longed to know the real meaning or purpose of something that’s happened to us.

A shamanic energy reading helps you access this understanding, by revealing the ‘source code’ of events in your life.

After a chat by phone or email, where you tell me about the situation you want to know about, I’ll journey to the spirit realm to find information and guidance that may help, comfort or guide you.

Case study

Lucy contacted me after a family member was diagnosed with a terminal illness at a young age. It was a very upsetting for her and her family, and she wanted me to journey to see if I could find out if there was more to this tragic situation than appeared to be going on. After talking more with Lucy, and asking for guidance from spirit, we agreed on the right intention for the journey: Please show me any information or guidance that can help Lucy in this situation.’

I carried out a shamanic journey for Lucy, where I was shown many wonderful things about her family member. I spoke to her in spirit form, and I saw that she had been called to do important spiritual work which she could not do on Earth. I was also given ways that the family could know when her spirit was there, communicating with them.

I wrote up a detailed account of the journey, and sent it to Lucy. After taking a couple of days to absorb the information, she contacted me, full of gratitude. So many things about the journey rang true for her, and she was comforted and reassured. The knowledge of what was really going on enabled her to find the strength to support herself and her family through the death of the family member, and it also led to a deepening of her own healing journey.

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Booking your Energy Reading Session

Investment: £85

Energy Reading Session

A remote session to help you understand the 'source code' of events in your life. Includes a powerful shamanic journey and detailed write-up.