Energetic Cleanse & Soul Empowerment Package

(available remotely)

The essential shamanic healing treatment. With bells on.

Feeling sluggish, blocked or repeating unhelpful patterns? It all starts with your energy.

This package includes:

  1. A deep energetic cleanse. Removes energy that’s draining you, blocking you or standing in your way
  2. Soul retrieval. Restores your energy to wholeness and returns lost gifts

When you have a problem, does anyone ever tell you to look at your energy body for the source? Nope! Instead, you’ll try dealing with it physically (for example with medication), emotionally (therapy) or mentally (affirmations, or positive thinking).

I’m absolutely not saying these aren’t important. They are, and you might need to treat your problems on all of these levels, once they are there. But their source can be found in your energy body.

Step 1: Deep energetic cleanse

A piece of embroidered fabric by the Shipibo people of Peru, covered in shamanic objects, such as a pink crystal pyramid, white feather and labyrinth totem
My altar and some of the sacred objects I use in my shamanic work

Before problems appear in your body, mind or emotions, they are present as blocks or wounds in your energy field – an invisible bubble of energy that extends out from your body and is the place we first carry our wounds. The powerful energetic cleanse works at the level of your energy field.

While you lie down and relax at home, I’ll work on your energy field remotely. It makes absolutely no difference that you are not physically present, as I can link in with your energy wherever you are. (Have you ever sensed a connection with someone when you are not physically present with them? That’s you tuning in to their energy).

How I remove energy blocks

Working with my spirit guides and allies, I’ll move my hand over your whole body (using a branch or object from nature to stand in for you), looking for energy blocks or spirit intrusions. These can be hard places or gaps in your energy field caused by things like:

  • Harsh words others have been said to you
  • Ancestral wounds or those from a past life
  • Physical injury or illness
  • Gaslighting or confusion
  • Not being accepted for who you really are

This energetic cleanse prepares you beautifully for the next part of your treatment.

After I’ve finished cleansing your energy, I’ll move on to your soul empowerment

Step 2: Retrieval of soul parts and lost gifts

Restoring the soul to wholeness through soul retrieval

When we undergo a trauma, the feelings can be too much to bear. In psychology, the understanding is that we might ‘dissociate’ to escape the experience. In shamanism, we say that ‘part of the soul’ (or our psyche, or our energy, if you prefer) leaves and takes refuge in a safe place in the spirit realm. This is so that we can survive the experience.

But once the trauma is over, it is no longer helpful for our soul parts to be missing. I can journey into non-ordinary reality to find your missing soul parts and bring them home.

It’s not just trauma that can cause part of our essence to leave. I’ve often found that parts have left because of dissatisfaction, disconnection and a feeling of not fitting in with family or society.

When soul parts return, they can bring back to you gifts and talents and a feeling of wholeness you may not have felt for a long time. This is an incredibly powerful and beautiful shamanic treatment.

Booking your Energetic Cleanse & Soul Empowerment Package

Investment: £250

Energetic Cleanse & Soul Empowerment Package


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