About remote energy healing

All my work with Tara has been remote and we have communicated by phone or email. I have been blown away by the results! I can’t believe how powerful the results were from remote work but the proof is in the pudding!

Read Lucy’s full testimonial about the fantastic results she had from remote shamanic healing.

Lucy F, 40, London

Almost any problem, difficulty or life question can be helped by remote shamanic healing, and I can work with you wherever you are in the world.

The gift of Covid – time to heal

With the world in lockdown, we are grappling with the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical effects of the Coronavirus. Amid the suffering and difficulty, many of us are also realising we have been gifted with the time and space to reflect and to heal, so we can come out of this time more whole and more conscious. Do you want to go back to your life as it was before, or is now the time to heal and change?

Remote shamanic work can be a beautiful opportunity to heal, access the unique guidance Spirit has for your life, and connect with what your soul wants you to know.

How does remote healing work?

As a shamanic healer, I work on your energy body. Your energy body, which is like a bubble that extends out from your physical body, but is not normally visible to the eye, contains the ‘source code’ of any difficulty you’re experiencing with your physical, emotional or energy body. There’ll be a block, spiritual intrusion or imbalance in your energy body that’s contributing to it.

By working at this ‘source level’ of energy, shamanic healing can affect all of our different bodies: physical, emotional and mental, too.

All energy is connected. Because I am working on your energy body, not your physical body, it makes no difference if you’re not here in person.

Here’s what happens

  1. I’ll do a journey to Spirit to ask my guides and allies if I can help you, and, if so, what healing is needed. There is no charge for this.
  2. If I get the go-ahead to work with you, we’ll agree a time to do the work. You don’t have to be online at the time; but it would be good for you to be lying down and resting while I am doing it, so that your energy body is relaxed, open and receptive. 
  3. Before the session, I’ll go out in nature and find a surrogate object that calls to me (like a branch) to stand in for your physical body, to use while doing the work. I can connect with your energy body this way, and I will work on the branch as if it is your physical body. I’ll be guided to do things like remove energy blocks, perform soul retrieval or carry out ancestral healing. If you have questions, I can also ask for information and guidance.
  4. Next, I will send you a write up of what happened. If you have questions, or you want to discuss what happened, we can talk by email or phone.
Working remotely with a branch to stand in for a client’s energy body

Interested in remote shamanic healing? Contact me for a free, no-obligation chat or email.