Welcome to my world!

Tara smiling, wearing a tie-dye sweatshirt, jeans and pink Dr Marten boots standing on a hill holding a Shitzu dog with blue sky and sea in the background
At Soar Mill Cove in Devon, UK, holding my stepdog, Milly the Shih Tzu

My vision is of a world that values truth and vulnerability above all else, and where people are awake to the real nature and potential of humanity.

My contribution to that vision is to inspire people to live more authentic, joyful and purposeful lives, by guiding them to come into deep relationship with their hearts and souls and with the Earth. 

In my shamanic practice and my soul purpose discovery programme, I provide a sacred space of gentleness and compassion where real healing can take place, and the courage and insight to follow an authentic life can bud and flower.

Just one authentic action can alter the course of your life and set you on the path to who you were born to be. Just look at my story!

My life-changing adventure

In 2014 I was a copywriter in London, writing words for the websites of big companies. I liked playing around with language, but I ached to escape the corporate life. I felt sure there was something else I was meant to be doing – but what was it?

This question haunted me for a long time, but my main focus was dealing with the effects of a traumatic childhood.

Plus, I had no idea how to start with changing my life. I was stuck, miserable and unable to see a way forward.

Eventually – in desperation, as I wasn’t feeling any better, despite millions of workshops and therapy hours – I followed a strange urge to go to Peru, to work with plant medicines.

I booked a two-month stay at a retreat specialising in ayahuasca and other plant medicines and headed off, with my travel companion, Paddington. 

Tara at Heathrow airport, smiling and carrying a rucksack with a Paddington bear soft toy on top
Me and Paddington setting out for the jungle

It was a life-changing decision that led to a year in the jungle, a job at the retreat, a massive opening of my consciousness in the form of a kundalini awakening, and an incredible relationship with plant medicines.

Not only that, but I was plunged into the world of shamanism, and I loved it.

While I was in Peru, the plants told me I needed to leave London, and that I should sell my flat there. Err, why? I asked. Where will I live? There was no further information.

When I returned to England, I followed the guidance.

It was scary to let go of the home I had lived in for ten years, without knowing what the next steps were. But I had come to completely trust the guidance of spirit over the fears of my ego.

For two years I had no fixed place to live, and I waited for spirit to show me my next home. Eventually I was led to Stroud – a decision I probably would never have made if my mind were in charge! 

I deepened my shamanic apprenticeship by completing a practitioner training in ecoshamanism. I am also a certified Purpose Guide™. 

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