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Coronavirus and the rainbow children

However difficult you’re finding lockdown, I’m almost certain you don’t want things to get back to ‘normal’ – in fact, you might be dreading it. Because normal was probably not working for you.

If we hadn’t already, many of us are now realising that there were plenty of things about ‘normal’ that caused great suffering for a lot of people and for our planet. Why? Because our ‘normal’ way of life was based on unconsciousness of our connection with each other, and we had lost awareness of our relationship with Earth, and respect for her. Instead, we viewed her as a supplier of ‘resources’ for our consumerist lifestyle.

As the whole structure of our Western lives was built on sand, sooner or later it was bound to come toppling down. I’m just not sure any of us saw it happening in such a sudden and dramatic way.

What I am sure of, though, is that energetically, we have moved into a very potent time. The fact that in every area of living the normal rules no longer apply is symbolic of a powerful energetic cracking open below the surface of life that is affording us – right now – what could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rethink, reset and reshape. There are no rules now about what life has to be. Let’s not let this golden opportunity pass us by.

From fear to hope

To tune into the energetic reality of this time, you need to get beyond fear, which takes conscious effort, since it’s the dominant narrative wherever you look – which for many of us is online.

Fear and anxiety are addictive, because they are mood altering (they create adrenaline and the illusion of control) – and maybe you’d really like your mood to be altered right now! Stepping away from it takes awareness of how it operates on us, and of how much we may ‘want’ to be swept away by it. Then, a decision to do something different.

I do my best to just listen to the news on the radio. The written news allows for sensationalism and fear in a way that the spoken word doesn’t. Try avoiding written news for a few days, and see how you feel. Even if you have just a few moments, use the time you would have spent hoovering up anxiety-producing news to sit in silence, tuning into the sensations in your own body. What is there when fear is less dominant? Maybe it’s excitement. Maybe it’s hope. Maybe it’s a determination to create something different.

What do you want the future to look like?

The fact that Covid-19 brings with it suffering for all of us, and tragedy for some, means everyone is touched. We have all been forced into cocoons, where we now have the chance to reflect on what our lives were like, what they are like now, and how we want things to be in the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage consciously in the process, rather than just waiting for this ‘to be over’ and accepting whatever our new normal turns out to be.

I am certain that once the crisis stage has eased, society will slow begin to reshape itself in hugely positive ways. It is already happening. We are all already changed. I love the stories of families finding new ways to connect, and of children reaching out to elderly neighbours. And I am struck by the rainbows that children all over the world are drawing and painting and putting in windows to encourage us all.

The story of the rainbow children

Many authors have written about the ‘new children’ that have come or are now coming to Earth to help us move through different phases of our spiritual awakening. I don’t necessarily subscribe to these labels, or think it’s possible to say that this happened. But it does seem to me that there are children alive now who are extraordinarily emotionally and spiritually aware. Anyway, if you like this way of thinking, the Rainbow Children (so named because their auras contain all of the colours of the seven main chakras) are said to be the latest wave of these ‘new children’, following on from the Indigo Children, who were mainly born in the 1970s, and the Crystal Children, who came later.

And then there is the prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors, which is ascribed to various Native American First Nations, and versions of it can also be found in other cultures. Here is an extract from one popular telling of the story:

When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colours, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow.”

Alongside the suffering there is also great love and hope all around us. I can’t help but wonder: is this finally the time of the Rainbow Warriors?

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