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The number one way to get your life moving in a better direction

Isn’t it crazy that we all have an inner knowing, yet we mostly ignore it?

Isn’t it nuts that even when we are unhappy and unfulfilled, and we KNOW there’s a different way to live, we STILL ignore the quiet, small voice inside that knows what would make things better?

Isn’t it bonkers that we normally have to wait until things get REALLY BAD before we pay that voice any attention?

That voice is the voice of your soul (or your higher self, or your intuition). Whatever you want to call it, believe me – it knows what’s best for you.

The number one way to get your life moving in a direction that’s in tune with where your soul wants to go is to listen to your inner guidance.

I’m not talking about the voice in your head that talks to you incessantly, that criticizes you, judges other people, doesn’t want anything to change too much and has a lot of fearful thoughts. That voice is your ego, and it’s the voice that our society trains us to live by.

Think that voice is the real you? It’s not.

The real you is the one you’ve been ignoring.

Inner guidance feels like it comes from a different place. You may feel a knowing in your body – maybe in your gut – rather than in your mind. Your knowing may not express itself in words, but don’t dismiss it because of that.

That wordless knowing is the one to trust.

Sometimes, listening to that inner voice means you’ll scare your ego, alienate your friends and disappoint your family.

But here’s why you should do it anyway.

  • Your inner guidance knows your life purpose, and it will guide you towards it
  • You will begin to feel more connected to something bigger than you – Spirit, Source, the Universe, God or your soul. Life begins to make sense when you feel you have an important part to play in something bigger
  • Aligning your life with you inner guidance gives you a sense of congruence. Congruence enables you to face the world without shame, and the fear of being found out
  • When you have the courage to follow your inner guidance over your inner fears, you develop greater trust in yourself and in life, and feel more empowered.
  • The more you act on your inner guidance, the more life provides you with signs, synchronicities and like-minded friends to support you on your journey.

How can you follow your inner guidance today?

P.S. If you don’t know how to access your inner guidance, try meditation to calm your thoughts enough to allow it come through. Begin by simply noticing your thoughts, and over time you’ll be able to tune in to what lies beneath them.


Tara xx

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