A simple line drawing of a snake swallowing its own tail, with a stick figure with a red heart in the centre of the circle formed by the snake's body

Discover the magic of shamanic healing

I am a shamanic practitioner working in Stroud, UK, and remotely. I offer powerful energetic soul medicine that can help you:

  • Clear unhelpful patterns of behaviour, by removing blocks in your energy field
  • Heal from trauma, by welcoming back soul parts that left to survive the experience
  • Get clarity on life issues to help you make decisions and move forward with decisiveness
  • Feel more balanced and more connected to life, people, nature and your true wants and desires

Contact me to find out more or to book an appointment. One or two sessions may be all you need to start feeling more powerful, purposeful and decisive.

I am also a Purpose GuideTM and I offer a deep, transformative Soul Purpose Discovery Programme, as well as support for people experiencing a kundalini awakening.

Fancy a chat? Contact me.